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Mechanical Engineering

Water projects:
·  Designing the piping and flow routes through water treatment plants and water distribution systems;
·  Making water treatment plants and water distribution systems operate efficiently and reliably;
·  Planning and designing tools, engines, and machines to perform specialized functions such as delivering a steady flow of chemicals at a certain rate into the water supply at a treatment plant;
·  Overseeing the installation, operation, and maintenance of equipment.

Oil Projects:
 Our services include the following -

·  Upstream Services:
Operations strategy.
Work order planning.
Maintenance planning and management.

·  Midstream Services:
Booster station
Compressor stations
Slug catcher

·  Downstream Services:
Marketing / sales automation and management.
Supply chain management
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Operations management.

·  Procurement:
Logistics planning and management
Project management

·  General Management:
Supply chain effectiveness
Performance benchmarking
Operational excellence
Business Intelligence (BI)
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

·  Design, Development and Support:
Reverse engineering
Concept design
2D/ 3D modeling (CAD)
Design automation
Tool, dies and fixture design
Development of technical reports and manuals
Plant layout design
Piping design
Process planning